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TitleDescriptionAuthor / EditorPublisherPublish DateEditionCopiesConfirmed
AAVSO Manual for Visual Observing of Variable StarsThe American Association of Variable Star Observers2001January Revised Edition1
Achilles in the Quantum Universe The Definitive History of Infinity Richard MorrisSouvenir Press Ltd19991
Action at a distance in physics and cosmology F.Hoyle and J.V.NarlikarW.H.Freeman and Company19741
Advanced amateur astronomyGerald NorthCambridge Universitv Press19972nd Edition1
Advanced Telescope Making Techniques Volume 2 MechanicalAllan MackintoshWillmann-Bell. Inc19861
The Amateur AstronomerPatrick MooreLutterworth Press1974Eighth Revised Edition1
Amateur Astronomer's Handbook J.B.SidgwickFaber and Faber Limited19551
Amateur Astronomer ' s HandbookCompletely revised by James MuirdenJ.B.Sidgwick, FRASPelham Books Ltd1979Forth Edition1
Amateur Astronomy Researcn ProJect James BiggsPerth Observatory20051
Amateur Telescope Making Book OneG.IngallsScientific American1953Forth Edition1
Amateur Telescope Making Book TwoG.IngallsScientific American194622
Amateur Telescope Making Book ThreeG.IngallsScientific American195322
And There Was Light The Discovery of the UniverseRudolf ThielAndre Deutsch Limited19581
AstroFAQsQuestions amateur astronomers frequently askStephen F.TonkinSpringer-Verlag London Limited20001
The Astronomer' s UniverseBart J BokMelbourne Universitv Press19581
Astronomy & Telescopes, A Beginner ' s HandbookRobert J.Traister & Susan E.HarrisTAB Books Inc19831
The Astronomy and Astrophysics EncyclopediaStephen P.MaranVan Nostrand Reinhold and Cambridge University Press19921
Astronomy and Cosmology A Modern CourseFred HoyleW.H.Freeman and Company19751
Astronomy for Beginners. Henry Brinton F.R.A.S.Key Book Publishing Company19771
Astronomy for EverybodySimon Newcomb, revised by Robert H.Baker, Ph.DThe New Home Library19421
Astronomy for EverymanMartin DavidsonJ M Dent & Sons Ltd1954Revised Edition1
Astronomy for the Southern SkyNick Lomb & Trevor WilsonNelson Publishers19861
Astronomy in Western Australia - Vol 1: 1896 to 1912Muriel UttingPerth Observatory19931
Astronomy in Western Australia - Vol 2: 1921 to 1940Muriel UttingPerth Observatory19941
Astronomy in Western Australia - Vol 3: 1840 to 1962Muriel UttingPerth Observatory200021
Astronomy Lower Secondary Science CurriculumBranch Education Department of Western Australia19811
Astronomy of stellar energy and decayMartin JohnsonFaber and Faber Limited19501
Astronomy l hrough the Telescope Richard LearnerEvans Brothers Limited19810
Astronomy l hrough the Telescope Richard LearnerEvansVan Nostrand Reinhold Company19810
Astronomy 2003 Australia A Practical Guide to the Night SkyGlenn Dawes, Peter Northfield, Ken WallaceOuasar Publishing200221
Astronom y 2004 Australia A Practical Guide to the Night Sky Glenn Dawes, Peter Northfield, Ken WallaceOuasar Publishing200321
Astronom y 2005 Australia A Practical Guide to the Night Sky Glenn Dawes, Peter Northfield, Ken WallaceOuasar Publishing20041
Astronom y 2007 Australia A Practical Guide to the Night Sky Glenn Dawes, Peter Northfield, Ken WallaceOuasar Publishing20061
Astronom y 2016 Australia Your Guide to the Night SkyKen Wallace, Glenn Dawes, Peter NorthfieldOuasar Publishing20151
Astrophotography A Step-by-Step ApproachRobert T.LittleMacmillan Publishing Company19861
Astrophotograph y - .Featuring the jx system of exposure determinationBarry GordonWillmann-Bell, Inc.19852nd Edition1
Astrophotography BasicsEastman Kodak Company19811
Astrophotography BasicsKodak customer service pamphletEastman Kodak Company 1
Astrophotography for the amateurMichael A.CovingtonCambridge University Press19992nd Edition1
Astrophysical conceptsMartin HarwitJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc19731
Astrophysics and Stellar AstronomyThomas L.SwihartJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc19681
Atlas of AstronomyAlex. Keith JohnstonWilliam Blackwood and Sons18562nd Edition0
The Atlas of MercuryCharles A.Cross & Patrick MooreMitchell Beazley Publishers Limited19771
Atlas of the lunar terminatorJohn E.WestfallCambridge University Press20000
Atlas ot the Skies TAJ Books Ltd20031
The Atlas of the Lunar terminatorJohn E. WestfallCambridge University Press20000
The Atlas or the Solar systemPatrick Moore & Garry Hunt, lain Nicolson and Peter CattermoleMitchell Beazley Publishers19830
The Atmospheres of the Earth and PlanetsEdited by Gerard P.KuiperThe University of Chicago Press1952Revised 2nd Edition1
Atoms to Andromeda, Selected Lectures on Theoretical PhysicsEdited by S.T.Butler and H.MesselShakespeare Head Press Pty. Limited19661
The AuroraeL.HarangChapman & Hall Ltd19511
Australia in SpaceKerrie DoughertyATF Press20171
The Australia Telescope: A Window On the UniverseCSIRO 1
Australia Telescope National Facility Annual Report 2000CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility - 2000CSIRO20001
Australia Telescope National Facility Annual Report 2001CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility - 2001Dr Jessica Chapman20011
Australia Telescope National Facility Annual Report 2004CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility - 2004Dr Jessica Chapman20041
Australian Astronomers Achievements at the frontiers of AstronomyRagbir BhathalNational Library of Australia19961
Beyond Jupiter The worlds of tomorrowChesley Bonestell and Arthur C ClarkeLittle Brown and Company Inc19721
Beyond the MoonPaolo MaffeiThe MIT Press19781
The Big Bang The Creation and Evolution of the UniverseJoseph SilkW.H.Freeman and Company19801
The Big Bang Never HappenedEric J.LernerTimes Books19911
The Big Bang Never HappenedEric J.LernerSimon & Schuster19920
The Binary Stars (Robert G.Aitken)Robert G.AitkenDover Publications, Inc.1964Revised 2nd Edition1
Binocular AstronomyCraig Crossen & Wil TirionWillmann-Bell, Inc19921
Binoculars and All-Purpose telescopesDr Henry C Paul PhDAmphoto19641
Black Holes The Edge of Space, The End of TimeWalter SullivanAnchor Press / Doubleday19791
Black Holes, White Dwarfs, and SuperstarsFranklyn M.BranleyThomas Y.Crowell Company19761
Blind Watchers of the skyRocky RoadOxford University Press19991
Budget AstroPhotography : Getting StartedAllan HallAllan Hall20141
Build Your Own TelescopeRichard BerryWillmann -Bell, Inc19942nd Edition2
Burnham ' s Celestial Handbook Volume One Andromeda Through Cetus Robert Burnham, JrDover Publications , Inc1978Expanded and Updated Edition1
Burnham ' s Celestial Handbook Volume TwoChamaeleon through OrionRobert Burnham, JrDover Publications , Inc1978Expanded and Updated Edition3
Burnham ' s Celestial Handbook Volume ThreePave through VulpeculaRobert Burnham, JrDover Publications , Inc1978Expanded and Updated Edition1
Calcul Astronomique Pour Amateurs Serge BouigesMasson19802nd Edition1
The Cambridge Astronomy Guide A Practical Introduction to AstronomyBill Liller and Ben MayerCambridge University Press19851
The Cambridge atlas of astronomy Edited by Jean Audouze and Guy Israel Cambridge University Press19943rd Edition1
The Cambridge deep-sky albumJack Newton and Philip Teece Cambridge University Press19831
The Cambridge Illustrated History of Astronomy Edited by Michael Hoskin Cambridge University Press19972
Discovering the Universe most brilliant starsFred SchaafJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc20081
The Cambridge Photographic Atlas of the PlanetsG.A.Briggs and F.W.TaylorCambridge University Press19861
The Cambridge star atlasWil TirionCambridge University Press20013rd Edition1
Captured StarsHeinz LetschVEB Gustav Fischer Verlag19591
Carl Sagan' s UniverseEdited by Yervant Terzian and Elizabeth BilsonCambridge University Press19971
The Case of the Missing Neutrinos And Other Curious Phenomena of the UniverseJohn GribbinPenguin Books20001
CCD astronomy - Construction and use of an astronomical CCD cameraChristian BuilWillmann-Bell. Inc19911
Celestial Mechanics A Computational Guide for the PractitionerLaurence G.TaffJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc19851
Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes Volume One: The Solar SystemThe Rev. T.W.WebbDover Publications, Inc19621
Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes Volume One: The Solar StarsThe Rev. T.W.WebbDover Publications, Inc19621
The Celestial Onlookers.Trent SmithThe Astronomical Society of the South West (Inc)19942
Collins Encyclopedia of the UniverseGeneral Editor: Ian RidpathHarper Collins Publishers20011
Collins Observing the MoonJohn S.FolkesHarper Collins Publishers20032
Colours of the StarsDavid Malin and Paul MurdinCambridge University Press19841
Comet HalleyPerth Observatory19861
Comet HalleyNot the same as the abovePerth Observatory19861
Comet Halley A Complete Guide for AustraliaSteven CarruthersWeldons Pty Ltd19851
The Comet Rendezvous Asteroid Flyby Mission A Search for Our BeginningsNational Aeronautics and Space Administration1
Comets Edited by Laurel L.WilkeningThe University of Arizona Press19821
Comets - Readings from Scientific AmericanIntroductions by John C.BrandtW. H. Freeman & Company19811
Coming of Age in the Milky WayTimothy FerrisThe Bodley Head Ltd19892
The Complete Guide to the Constellations Geoffrey CorneliusDuncan Baird Publishers20051
The complete idiot ' s guide to digital photographySteven GreenbergAlpha20021
Concise Catalog of Deep-Sky Objects Astrophysical Information for 500 Galaxies1
Clusters and NebulaeW.H.FinlaySpringer-Verlag London Ltd20031
Consider the Heavens A Guide to Astronomy and it' s Impact on Our LivesPeter TillettNew Holland Publishers (Australia) Ptv Ltd20021
The Constellations & How to Find Them ( Northern Hemisphere)New and Enlarged EditionSir William PeckGall and Inglis19551
The Constellations & How to Find Them ( Southern Hemisphere)New and Enlarged EditionSir William PeckGall and Inglis19521
Cooke' s Perth Observatory Muriel UttingPerth Observatory16892
CosmologyH. Bondi M.A.Cambridge At The University Press19521
CosmologyH. Bondi M.A., F.R.S.Cambridge At The University Press19602nd Edition1